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Odell Beckham is once again in the news for obvious reasons, as the New York Giants failed to make it to the playoff spot. Although he torched the Eagles for 11 catches for 150 yards, he couldn’t control his emotions as he growled and screamed loudly just outside the Giant’s locker room. The Giants loss to the Eagles 24-19 in a grilling encounter, which sums up a frustrating night for the New York Giants. Beckham however, did not answer questions from Reporters regarding his outburst. He was seen shaking his head when he emerged from the training room of a forgettable evening. The final series of the game was particularly the most likely source of his disgust as the team’s offense could not win on the road.

Did he lose his steam later on in the game? Well, Beckham couldn’t hand in a deep ball on a second and 10 from the Eagles’ 34 with only a few seconds left in the thrilling game that could have just sealed a place for the New York Giants in the playoffs. He later gave his remarks afterwards, “I just didn’t make the play, it was where it needed to be, I just needed a little more gas in me to get it’’, he noted. That could probably be one of the reasons he was fuming so hot.

His statement portrayed that of guilt, as he further explained. “I need to do a better job,” I thought I would be able to go get to it and that really weighs heavy on me. I want to be able to make plays for this team”, the New York Giant’s speedy receiver lamented. Evidently, he lost his golden hands for the most important catches in the course of the game and the defensive backs of the Eagles was simply outstanding. Oliver Vernon had initially lamented, “we came in here expecting to win and we didn’t get it done, that’s on us.” He also went ahead to state the obvious, “Eagles played good football and we just didn’t get the job done.”

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It wasn’t just about Beckham’s lackluster performance on the night, the New York Giants failed to score 30 points all through the season as an offense. The Eagle’s strategy worked perfectly well to frustrate the efforts of the Giants who had to play catch up for the rest of the game after having an early lead New York Asian Escort Agency. Eli Manning racked up 356 yards and a touchdown, Beckham only had 150, Victor Cruz had eight catches for 84 yards, while Sterling Shepard could only hand in seven balls for 61 yards. Those yards weren’t just enough to harness the necessary points.

With time ticking off the clock, Manning dropped back for one last push for that all important big play, the game on the line and time ticking fast, was there going to be a miraculous ending to a frustrating night for the New York Giants? Not at all. Manning threw the ball deep to Will Tye with 14 seconds left before an interception sealed their fate. Beckham finally noted, we just have to put more points on the road. That’s really the bottom line, we had an opportunity to end the game with the offense on the field, and we just didn’t make it happen.”

NYC’s Aircraft Carrier That’s an Actual Museum
Amazing And Unlimited Things to Do in New York City [Reversed 2018]
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