NYC’s Aircraft Carrier That’s an Actual Museum

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NYC’s Aircraft Carrier That’s an Actual Museum!

For all of you Navy, Air Force, and NASA lovers out there, this is one attraction that can only be found in NYC and is in incredible experience! Step aboard the decommissioned Intrepid aircraft carrier which was decommissioned in 1974 from the Navy.

New York Travel tips

New York Travel tips

The Intrepid had served during World War II and the Vietnam War and was also used as a NASA recovery vessel for both the Mercury and Gemini missions that NASA had ran. It is now permanently docked in NYC and was renovated as a museum.


What’s inside?

There are dozens of fighter plans both on the deck of the ship and loaded inside it from all around the world including the USA, Vietnam, Italy, and the Soviet Union. It’s also home to the British Airways Concorde plane which was one of the fastest planes to ever cross the Atlantic in just under 3 hours.


It is also home to the space shuttle Enterprise which was the prototype that NASA built that set the stage for the future of American space travel. Inside you’ll see the entire vessel and learn about it’s history to improve and advance the future of space travel.


And last but not least, you’ll find the USS Growler – a guided missile submarine which was until recently a mystery to the world and kept strictly as “top secret” until now. See the impressive craft and including the crew’s mess hall, the control room and attack center, and the torpedo rooms.


Events on the Intrepid

There’s plenty of adult events too happening on the Intrepid as well including birthday parties, watching movies for adults late at night, wine and beer tasting on the ship’s deck, Instagram scavenger hunts, VIP tours including behind the scenes tours and sleep in the space shuttle overnight.


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New york Giants - [2018 reversed ]


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