Donation is based on your location

  • Manhattan —– $260/hr

  • Queens —— $220/hr

  • Brooklyn ——-$250/hr

  • Bronx ——- $250/hr

  • Westchester ——–$ 280/hr and up

  • Staten Island ——–$ 280/hr

  • Connecticut ——– $300/hr and up

  • Nassau County ——–$ 250/hr and up

  • Suffolk County ——- $ 300/hr and up

  • New Jersey ——–$ 280/hr and up

  • Upsate ——–$ 300/hr and up

  • Overnight ——— $ 1500 (8 hours)


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  • Outcall only
  • Open 24/7
  • Discounts available for multiple hours only
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Hot Hot Asians escorts is an escort service providing upscale companionship in the the state NYC area.
We do not provide anything more than time and companionship for our escorts.

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As an all-in-one hub for Asian escorts Service in New York, we always hire the ever best girls from the Asian countries. When you visit our gallery section and plan to book the girl as per your heightened erotic taste, we bring you the superb collection of new faces. We have the best girls with the cute faces and bold assets so that you can concentrate solely on pleasure during the session. Our expert professionals have the adequate expertise in hiring the best beauties that are always up to tune up with the clients’ wishes. At NYC Asian Escort Service, we never ever want to spoil the leisure of the clients by offering them any kind of inadequate service.


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For hours or overnight, we can offer you the exotic girls to keep you Entertained for the time period you want. Depending upon your selection of girl and the service needs, we manage the best naughty session for you. You have to worry for nothing, only you need to enjoy the moments with the Asian escort girl you hire through us. We respect your privacy and always deliver confidential and safe services at your doorstep.


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Call on us right away. NYC Asian escorts take pride to inform you that they have had great success to soften a hard man as your boss. Send us to him and we will get that promotion for you. Or you have an important business meeting coming up? The stakes are high and you really want that contract? Does competition make you nervous? You should not be nervous at all, for you have what your competition can never have. You have us. We can charm your associates in ways beyond imagination such that they will never forget you. We will kill away your competition with such talent that will be difficult to outdo.


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There are many adventures to explore in New York. People living in this huge city themselves have not seen it all. How can one? The city is magnificent. The city is also majestic in the adventures it offers. One can always find something unique and extraordinary if one has an eye for that, or luck or simply a trustworthy source, because the city has lots to offer, good as well as bad. So a source that you can trust is important. Someone who takes you to the trendiest clubs where only passionate men loves to go, to parties so exclusive that only money can’t get you there. Someone whom you would have a lot of fun and would love to have around. Because there is some adventure you can always afford to miss, but there are some sensational Asian escorts in New York that you should never miss by any chance. The very reason it is called an adventure is that it changes your life for good.


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Our Asian escorts will ensure you have a memory that will not fade from your mind for a very long time. There are innumerable events you should most definitely call on us to make your life more enthusiastic. Are you hosting a party? Want to make it the wildest party of your life? We are the people you must call on. After all is it a party if the party has no sizzle? Your best friend is getting married? It is you who has the responsibility that he gets a bachelor party of a lifetime? Or is it you getting married? Then you have to taste the best NY Asian escorts what the city has to offer before you tie yourself down forever. Or is it that your soul mate left you? That must be a very difficult time. And very depressive but you won’t break down. You are a winner, you will get back up and go out there and conquer them all. You call on us. We have the best resources for you to get re-energized. You will forget that someone ever broke your heart. You can also get the quick promotion for your job by offering him a hot Asian escort for overnight pleasure.



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