Safety tips for hiring escorts in NYC

The Ultimate and Most Comprehensive List (A Must Read for Escorts)

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First Things First (Be Anonymous)

  • Get a PO Box and have it placed on your Drivers license or State ID instead of your home address. You don’t need nosey clients or potential stalker types knowing your home address.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone so there are no billing records where callers can use identity theft technology to uncover your real name and residence.

Money Issues with Cash

  • Cash is king and always preferable. Many escorts make it an absolute must and the only way to do business.
  • Be wary of cash payments, know what real money looks like as bad clients sometimes usecounterfeit money. Learn how to quickly check bills to make sure they are legitimate (not counterfeit)
  • Check for a watermark on the right side of the bill.
  • Make sure watermark matches the denomination of the bill. Some counterfeiters bleach $5 bills and print $100 counterfeits. If you hold up the bill to the light and see President Lincoln’s face instead of Benjamin Franklin’s, you know you have a fake $100 bill.
  • Check for the metal strip or security thread on the left side of the bill too and see that it says the proper amount.
  • Check the big numbers for the color shifting ink. Move the bill in the light in such a way the ink shifts from green to black and back again. Color copiers cannot duplicate the color shifting security feature.
  • Feel the paper. Real bills are made from a 75% cotton, 25% paper blend. The texture is a linen feel that gives a special quality to the stiffness that cannot be matched with regular paper alone.
  • Real bills also have tiny red and blue fibers embedded you can check to make sure the paper is real.
  • Checking the bills means you have to make a quick scan, and it is best to have your client’s leave the donation envelope with your money in it, in the bathroom where you can excuse yourself and check the bills privately and with sufficient lighting.

(Other Anonymous Payment Methods)

  • Use prepaid credit cards and gift cards to pay for advertising and other services.
  • Use PayPal to receive payments, and to make payments.
  • Do not link your paypal account to any checking accounts or credit cards with your real name and billing address. You can also preload your Paypal account with a prepaid credit card.
  • Set up PayPal mobile so you can have customers text message you money, if they run out of cash. You will be notified of the transaction and can the go about your business.
  • Do not take credit cards from as they can be disputed.
  • Do not take gift cards from new or unknown customers, because they can be empty  when you get them.
  • Do not take checks or Money Orders as they can have stop payments put on them, or they can be forged.
  • Be wary of cash payments, know what real money looks like as bad clients sometimes usecounterfeit money.

When On The Phone, or Emailing, with A New Customer

  • It helps if the caller is a member in good standing on RS2K (Room Service 2000), P411 (Preferred 411), or Date-Check.
  • Never discuss rates and services, as that can be “interpreted” as an offer for prostitution.
  • Do not discuss donation rates and sex acts with a customer as that is a clear indication of prostitution.
  • Have your ad or personal website explain some of your services that are available, or unavailable.
  • If you have hard limits, clearly explain t o the client; what it will involve (companionship), how long it will last and how much it will cost (the donation) for your time.
  • Let client know if he chooses to go longer time with the date, he should be prepared to pay you extra for your time, if you wish to keep things strictly business.
  • Be wary of clients who say they don’t have a home phone, or who only have a mobile phone to book the service. To pass screening they must provide information that can be verified by other providers, employment, or other search or credit report searches.

Booking An Incall

  • Never do incall appointments to your home with a first time caller, this compromises your home safety, unless he has references from reputable escorts you can check with.
  • If you do incall, keep your vehicle, and house or apartment doors locked at all times. Stalkers and boundary crossers may come visit when you are not at home.
  • Best to have a security system as well, especially when an incall goes badly and you need to hit a panic button.
  • For Incall, emphasize that you do not accept, nor appreciate drop-ins and to respect your schedule and privacy.
  • Don’t have any money, or valuables in the room you entertain clients in.
  • Have a great discreet hiding spot.
  • Don’t have your ID, personal mail with your real name and address, or any personal items in the room with you where a stranger can obtain your real name or personal information.
  • If you do incall from an apartment or condo, or hotel, don’t tell your customer your unit or room number until after he arrives and calls you to tell you he has arrived and you verified his arrival. This way you can look out to see if anyone else, or other vehicles, arrived with your appointment to determine if he’s safe to give your unit or room number too.

Booking An Outcall To A Client’s Home

  • Try to verify the outcall address through Google to verify the address is real. Get a feel for the safety of the neighborhood. See if the house is in a good neighborhood or the house has been condemned, or you’re being summoned to a vacant lot or an industrial park. (Seriously it’s happened)
  • Use a driver for security on outcalls if possible
  • If you drive yourself, let someone you trust know where you are going and how long you expect to be there.
  • When you arrive, text someone to let them know that you arrived safely and he and the outcall location look okay.
  • When you arrive to an outcall house or condo, check your mirrors and all around you, before getting out of your vehicle. Have pepper spray in your hand and a cell phone in the other if possible.
  • Let the client know that you need to check in periodically (via text) to let someone know you are safe.
  • Subscribing to a Paid Search like Been Verified or Net Detective … may be the best investment you may ever make.


Booking An Outcall

  • Verify the home address or hotel is an actual address, so that you don’t arrive to find out you’ve been the victim of a practical joke or prank.
  • Do NOT rely on your dates for transportation to and from your appointments. You don’t want a complete stranger picking you up at your home, nor do you want to depend on him bringing you him if things don’t work out.
  • For Outcall appointments, use a driver when possible or let someone know the location of where you’re going.
  • If the customer is at a hotel and you are to meet them at their room, get their real name and room number, then later call the hotel desk asking for him by his real name to verify he is a registered guest. If the hotel doesn’t have his name registered, he’s not checked in yet, or he gave you a fake name. Either way, RED FLAG!
  • Outcall appointments are usually safer in an upscale hotel and not someone’s home or flea bag motel.
  • Don’t book calls with any clients who insist that you do NOT use a driver or taxi.
  • Don’t book calls with any clients who want you to show up and do a car date.


Arriving To An Outcall

  • Always be extremely aware and in tune with your surroundings.
  • If you are going to a client’s private home or hotel, drive by the house first to check for signs that might suggest “something is not right.” For example, if the house is dark, empty, or abandoned. If there are several cars in the driveway indicating others are there, or you hear loud music coming from the house indicating a party is going on, or the music is an excuse for the client not to hear you so they don’t answer the door. Or you see more than one person in or around the house, or men sitting in cars parked  near the house. If you feel something is wrong call the client on your mobile to discuss your concerns, if you don’t get answers that satisfy you then cancel the booking. Do it while you are safe in your car, not at the door or inside their place.
  • Carry in your purse only what you need, and no personal ID or real information about yourself. No mail or bills, no check books, credit cards, bank deposit slips. Many bad clients are stalker types who seek to obtain your real name, your residential address, and address, and your private or residential phone #.
  • Don’t take cash or ID with your real home address to the job.
  • Let the client know, or give him the impression that there is someone (driver) waiting outside for you, even if you are not using a driver.
  • At the start of the booking call someone (a friend, maybe a relative or even your own answering machine). This will let the client know that someone else knows where you are and that your whereabouts can be traced.

Avoiding a Hotel or Motel. Vice Sting

  • If it’s a new client. Get there at least a half hour early. Check the parking lot carefully when you arrive. Most of the time cops have someone in a car watching and warning the guys in the room that someone is on the way in.
  • If you get their early, you can also see if they just busted another provider and are escorting her out of the motel to get ready for your arrival.
  • When you walk into the room look for door attaching to the next room next door. If you see one, be safe and say you don’t feel well and have to go, then leave, because 9 times out of 10 it is a set-up. that’s the adjoining  room the other vice cops are hiding and waiting in until they get the signal to come in and arrest you.
  • Look for rooms that are too neat, where there is no luggage, no clothes in the closet, the bathroom is perfect, towels and soap hasn’t been used.
  • Look for rooms that have too much going on, like several people have been there, like the police drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes while they’re making calls form the room and waiting for girls to arrive.
  • Cops may try and stage the room to make it look like a mess. Leaving a beer can or cigarettes around in an ashtray. Try to find out when they checked in. See if the room is reasonably messy considering the time they’ve supposedly been there.
  • When they talk about sex or keep trying to get you to talk about money and sex, say you made a mistake and there’s a misunderstanding and you need to leave.
  • And if the client’s voice is unusually louder, maybe for a bug or recording device, that’s another clue to leave.

Before Starting The Session

  • Your Donation should be available and in full view. If it is not, politely ask for donation saying you will find that aspect of business more pleasant if you can get it out of the way beforehand. Actually this is for you to protect you from getting ripped off with the client saying he forgot his wallet in the car, or needs to go to an ATM.
  • While it is better for the client to have your donation on the bathroom counter where you can check the money (for counterfeit) and to make sure the full amount is there, if it isn’t, you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and discretely check the donation he just gave you.



During The Appointment

  • Be confident and assertive from the moment you arrive. It’s important to be in control and stay in control of the situation.
  • Be polite and friendly, it’s often the best way to keep control even when the client is behaving like a jerk.
  • Don’t leave anything laying around the customer can go through.
  • Be aware of every thing the customer is doing.
  • If you must use the bath room at any time, even to shower afterward, take your purse with you, and perhaps lock the bathroom door.
  • If a customer is at your incall, do not let him wander through out your place. Restrict him to your work space only.

When Things Go Bad

  • If you sense trouble coming, try to avoid it. Change the conversation, always be pleasant.
  • If the client starts talking down to you, or calling you bad names, turn things around, be assertive and take back control. Bad clients may test you to see what they can get away with and push you to those limits.
  • Or if you can’t alter the direction things are going. Take notice, find a polite reason to leave.
  • If you want to leave and the client forces you to stay or won’t let you leave, you can scream for help.
  • If you are at your incall, you can always have security or pretend to have your neighbor or security as your check in close by, or to use as a threat, if he doesn’t leave.
  • Or, you can throw something through a window, the noise will surely attract attention.

When Good Clients Go Bad

  • Many Clients forget you are providing a service and get emotionally attached.
  • Some clients feel that after a few visits, you may owe them a freebie. They may not discuss it with you, they will just short your pay or simply not pay you after the visit. so always get the donation up front and verify the amount.
  • Some clients feel that after a few visits that you owe them something more or special like unprotected services.
  • Always be aware of what you’re doing and saying so you don’t lead them on.
  • Always be cordial, pleasant, and professional.
  • Don’t get involved in a client’s personal life or problems.
  • A client’s personal problems are not your problems.
  • Just because a client spends money on you, doesn’t mean you owe them anything more outside your service.
  • Stay  emotionally healthy by being emotionally detached.
  • Don’t get involved with your clients or date them out of the hobby.
  • One you start dating a client, he will want to control you and stop you from working.
  • He will get depressed, angry, or resort to guilt and manipulation to control you.
  • Do not marry your client’s. One day the fantasy will end, and he will discover that, “Having is not the same as Wanting!”
  • Many clients have issues with women, and therefore do not, or can not, have normal healthy relationships with women. That is why they pay for your time and services. Keep this in mind and remember to not ever get involved, date, or marry your customers. “Pretty Woman” was a movie, a Hollywood fantasy, and not a reflection of real life.
  • Never succumb to threats of bad reviews, or outing you to your family or real job, or your landlord. This is the first sign the client is an insecure control freak stalker.

Avoiding Health Issues

  • If you do Full Service, GFE Girlfriend Experience, or PFE Porn Star Experience, always always always wear a condom. Always use condoms for oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and when using sex toys. The price you may pay for not doing this, could be with your life.
  • Always inspect the client’s body the best you can for wounds, sores, scabs, red bumps.
  • If you see sores, use protection, or better yet, avoid contact or cancel appointment.
  • Have yourself tested frequently.
  • Check your client for STDs, especially for crabs, sores, herpes blisters and warts. Condoms do not always protect you 100% against these.
  • Do not use massage oils as lube. They break down the condom rubber. Use water-based lube such as wet
  • stuff or KY jelly and wipe off any massage oil before you put the condom on.
  • Use your own condoms, not your client’s. some clients have weird fetish fantasies about getting you pregnant, so they put pin holes n the condom, cut the tip off, or otherwise do something that allows the condom to break during vigorous activities.
  • Be aware that Nonoxynol 9 condoms cause medical problems for some ladies. Nonoxynol 9 can remove nail polish so it is best not to use it on regular basis.
  • Putting on a condom with your mouth is useful if the client does not want to use them, but this can eroticise condom use.
  • If you use xylocaine, be aware of the risks. It is not advisable to use xylocaine for penetrative sex. Due to
  • the numbing effect, you are less likely to feel any injury or become aware that a condom has broken. Xylocaine can numb the client’s penis, and make it difficult for him to cum.
  • If the client does not take no for an answer about using condoms, suggest another activity such as Spanish sex (between the breasts) or hand relief with lube.
  • If the client refuses to use some or any safety measure for safe activities, best you end the appointment and leave!
  • You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.
  • When it comes to detecting an STD, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! Be safe, not sorry!
  • If you sense or see something’s really wrong, smell a bad discharge, just get out! Leave politely, say something like, I’ve forgotten my special bag and have to get it from the car. Or I have to let my driver know you’re OK and I’ll be staying, and then leave.

Avoiding Law Enforcement Stings and Legal Problems

  • Is caller a known and respected hobbyist?
  • Does caller have a handle with a history of reviews that you can verify with the providers he’s reviewed?
  • Since many ladies do not like reviews, have caller provide you references from a known and trusted providers he’s seen recently.
  • Do not talk about sex on the phone, in email, or answer questions regarding sex or until you know for sure he is completely safe with him to do so, or you’ve seen him before and again know for sure he’s safe to talk with.
  • Use National Blacklist to check on the name, handle, alias, phone #, and email he contacted you with.

Avoid Rip offs

  • Do not take credit cards as they can be charged back.
  • Do not take checks, personal checks, cashiers check , or otherwise. They can be fake, forged, or have stop payments put on them.
  • Do not take gift cards as they can already be used up with no balances on them.
  • When the client pays or gives you the donation envelope, excuse yourself and say you have to go to the ladies room. Once alone, count the money to ensure it is there in full and the money is real (not fake)
  • Put the money away in a safe place, away from wandering hands when you may not be looking. To be safe…
  •       …Give the money to your driver.
  •       …Put it in an inner zipped pocket of a jacket or purse.
  •       …Put it in a hidden secret compartment in your purse.
  •       …Put it in a locked cabinet or drawer, or some other safe place.
  • Remember. Bad clients will try to take back money when you are in the bathroom, shower, asleep, or distracted on a phone call. Make it difficult foe them to find your money.


Other Red Flags

  • Be wary of guys with multiple names, aliases, emails, and phone #’s.
  • Be wary of clients who book, but do not call just before appointment to confirm yours or their arrival.
  • Be wary of clients who insist that you do not use a driver or take a taxi to his location.
  • Look through the whole house or hotel room to check for signs of other people, for signs of danger, vice stings, drugs, or paraphernalia. You could say, “this is a lovely house, would you mind giving me a tour?” Or you could ask to go to the toilet and then have a quick look around. Be alert at all times.

Other Tips

  • Don’t drive to a far away call on an empty tank of gas and then depend on the call going though to give you gas money so you can fill up on the drive home. Many providers have stranded themselves that way.
  • Carry a mobile phone with you at all times.
  • If your date is picking you up, have him meet you at a public place or meet you on the corner of the address you live. Until he’s proven himself safe, do not give him your actual address.
  • Carry enough emergency cash for a taxi, that way if you are going on a date and he picks you up, and things go bad you aren’t stranded.

Stimulants – Alcohol – Drugs

  • Don’t accept a drink that has already been opened or that you have not seen being made. It’s not difficult for him to slip a drug (like Rohypnol) into the drink he’s fixed for you.
  • Do not drink beverages that you did not open yourself.
  • Remember that alcohol begins to impair your judgment with the first drink.
  • Do not share or exchange beverages with anyone you don’t know and trust.
  • If someone offers you a beverage from a bar at a club or a party, accompany the person to order your beverage, watch it being poured and carry the beverage yourself.
  • Do not leave your beverage unattended while talking, dancing, using the restroom, or making a phone call.
  • If you realize that your beverage has been left unattended, discard it.
  • Do not drink (swallow) anything that has an unusual taste or appearance, (salty taste, excessive foam, unexplained residue, etc.)
  • Monitor your drinking. A drink to relax is one thing, but too many drinks may place yourself in danger.
  • Never be afraid to say no thank you, or… No thanks, I’ve had enough.
  • Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol of drugs when visiting clients. Too much alcohol will affect your judgment and ability to defend yourself.

Poor Hygiene

  • Remember that if you find a particular client distasteful, or offensive, no amount of money is worth having to service them.
  • Suggest he showers, or you bath him and make it part of the session.
  • Many men who suffer from bad hygiene suffer from depression, alcoholism, and may be subject to mood or personality changes if they feel offended or are sensitive about their weight or health condition. Approach with caution, be respectful, sensitive, and understanding.


  • Warn that you will leave if the client gets too rough.
  • Be tactful – especially if the situation is becoming nasty. Keep your cool and be honest, don’t buy into the client’s bullshit, this should help to diffuse a situation.
  • If you drive yourself, park your car so only the back can be seen from the house (for example behind a tree or some bushes) and leave the car radio on if possible (this will suggest to the client that someone is waiting for you).
  • Pens, screech whistles, breath sprays, pepper spray and pepper spray rings, can make good weapons, and may allow you the opportunity to get away.
  • Don’t carry knives or guns with you. These can be used against you!
  • Have your belongings near the door in a pile so you can grab them if you need to get away quickly.
  • If you have to defend yourself, do it with the intention of hurting him badly. It is a good idea to take a self-defense course. If a client becomes aggressive or violent let him know you can trace him through his credit card, address, car registration number, etc. Explain to the client that you will not hesitate to report him to the police.
  • Don’t trust offenders – Often aggressors will tell you that if you are quiet and do what they tell you to do then they won’t hurt you. If you believe this then you really are putting your life in their hands. If the chance arises to sneak out or bolt out the door, then get out of there. If after the attack the assailant attempts to take you to another location then statistics show you may not be coming back at all.



After A Bad Experience

  • If in danger, don’t hesitate to smash one of the client’s windows or his stereo with a lamp, ashtray, or anything heavy. This will startle (perhaps even scare the client) and it hopefully make enough noise to let your driver, or the neighbors know that there is trouble going on and someone is in danger.

Fantasy Fetish, Role Play, Dominance, and BDSM Providers

  • Set your rules and make sure client knows you are in control.
  • Check for client references.
  • Screen carefully.
  • If you are doing a domination service, before you start make sure client knows what they may be in for.
  • Beware and on your guard for client’s who speak of or joke about switching or turning the tables on you.
  • Have them sign legal waivers to protect you, so if things go wrong, you have some legal protection.
  • Have clients understand safe words, and that it is okay to use them.
  • Make sure clients are not drunk or drugged during appointments. Anything that depresses their senses is not safe for them.

Protect Your Mental Health and Esteem

  • If you are feeling stressed, your work will suffer. Take some time off to relax and recharge.
  • Don’t take bad clients seriously or a bad session to heart.
  • Don’t get involved with your clients.
  • Don’t get sucked in by your client’s bullshit, health problems, personal problems, financial problems, or drama. Their problems are not your problems. This is a business relationship you have the more you stick to business the emotionally healthier you will be.
  • Stay emotionally detached at all times.
  • Don’t date or get personally or financially involved with your clients.
  • Don’t marry your clients.
  • If you have a bad experience with a client, report them on National Blacklist. Doing so will help you vent, and take back your dignity, power, and control.


Extra Tips For Escort Agency Workers

  • Let your agency know what service you will or won’t perform.
  • Find out how your agency operates with bounced checks, and credit card fraud charge backs before committing to an appointment prepaid with such.
  • Always ring the agency when you leave or extend a booking. You should have a code between yourself and the receptionist to use if you are in trouble.



Tips When Using Drivers

  • If you are going to service a client, consider employing a driver. Drivers can be very useful in helping you out of difficult situations. They can be used for safety, convenience, excuses for leaving, and traveling for companionship and safety during long distances between towns.
  • Ask the driver to accompany you to the client’s door. This is a good way to get the client to pay up front.
  • Then give your money to the driver for safekeeping.
  • You should have a code between yourself and the driver to use if you are in trouble.
  • If your booking is in a hotel or motel let the driver know the room number where the service will be taking place.
  • Make sure your driver waits while you are providing the service.
  • Use a driver that you know and trust.
  • Arrange for the driver to knock on the client’s door at the end of the booking, if it has gone overtime and you haven’t called to check in with him.
  • Never feel obligated to have to tip the driver with sexual services.


Tips For Drivers

  • You are being paid by the escort to do a good job. This means you are there for her security as well as
  • transport.
  • Do not leave after you have dropped the worker at the job. Wait until the worker has finished providing the
  • service.
  • Be alert at all times and be prepared to assist her if she needs you.
  • Do not hassle the escort and expect a free service (quickie) from her.
  • Respect the worker and follow her wishes while you’re on the job.
  • Know the time when the appointment is to finish. If the worker doesn’t call you to let you know the session is extended and doesn’t come out by the agreed time, you should call her or go and see if everything is all right.
  • Leave the steering wheel lock off, in case you need to make a quick get away. There are times a provider may have a dangerous or psycho client she needs to get away from. Driving away is a better situation that you getting into a fight with a dangerous person who may be armed and you can get hurt.
  • You may need to defend yourself and or the worker against a violent client (if the client follows you to the car a steering wheel lock, pepper spray, a taser, all can be good weapons).
  • Have a code between yourself and the worker to signal you if she is in trouble. For example, movement of
  • the bedroom curtains or blinds. During the session, watch and pay attention, a missed signal by you could have devastating repercussions for the provider.



Assertive, Aggressive, and Pushy Customers

  • You have the right to say NO!
  • You have the right to set your own body limits.
  • Communicate your limits in an assertive manner. Be direct and firm about what you do and do not want.
  • Be aware of stereotypical behaviors that may be a warning sign of abusive attitudes and/or behaviors.
  • Take a self-defense class so that you know how to fight back and defend yourself.
  • Plan ahead, give yourself lots of options, and trust your instincts.
  • If he/she makes sexual innuendos that do not match your feelings, tell him/her that you are uncomfortable with his/her comments.
  • If he ignores you and continues or tries to make you feel bad, that’s a red flag!
  • You do have the right to end a session and leave for any reason, at any time.
  • Be firm. You do not have to be polite to someone who is ignoring your feelings, or disrespecting you.
  • Do not blow off responsibility for his actions to alcohol, drugs, or emotional problems. Whatever their “reason,” you have the right to keep yourself safe.
  • Prepare yourself mentally. In case of a hot tempered or abusive client who get’s aggressive or violent with you, being prepared and having pepper spray in your purse may be a savior.

What is Sexual Assault, and Little Known Facts

  • Any sexual act attempted or committed against your will.
  • Forced sexual contact by dates, spouses, family members, acquaintances, or strangers, and yes even paid clients.
  • An act motivated by a need for power and control, not a desire for sex.
  • Anyone can become a victim of sexual assault, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or social class.
  • 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted within their life.
  • 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused before age 18.
  • 75% to 90% of the offenders are known to the victim.
  • Only 10% of sexual assaults are reported.
  • There is only a 2.8% conviction rate nationwide of rapists.
  • 75% of escorts were sexually assaulted as kids and sadly, due to the nature of adult entertainment and the attitudes regarding sexual assault against women, the client, and even the law, will make the woman think it was her fault she was assaulted.

Reporting Sexual Assaults

  • You were there. You know what happened. Only you know and have the right to report a rape.


If You Do NOT Want to Report or Aren’t Sure

  • Go to a safe place.
  • Call for help, to a family member or friend.
  • Go to a clinic as soon as possible to check for internal injuries and/or sexually transmitted diseases. (Tel them you had painful, unprotected intercourse.)


If You Do Want to Report an Assault

  • Go to a safe place.
  • To help preserve evidence, do not douche, bathe, or change clothing.
  • Call the police – they will take you to the hospital and make a report.


What to Do If You are Assaulted

  • Know that you are not responsible for the behaviors of others.
  • After the incident. If you have been attacked or forced to defend yourself then get away from that location quickly. The attacker may return or they may have others close by. Go to a safe area first and then phone the police or friend. Tell them where you are and where the incident happened. Then let your friends or police come to you, do not arrange to meet them back at the scene.
  • You have the right to make decisions – whether to report it to the police, go to trial, or tell family and friends, etc.
  • Talk about it or deal with the assault when you are ready. Talk about it to who you feel most comfortable.
  • Know that if you want to report it, the sooner the better to preserve any and all evidence.
  • If you are having bad thoughts, dreams, can’t sleep or cope. Time may not heal the emotional wound. Speak to a rape crisis volunteer, seek counseling, or talk to a close and trusted friend. Professional people are trained to help you, but if that is not an option for you, please have a close friend to share and support you.

Aggravating Cons, Scams, and Schemes

  • The Con Artist –  I’m a producer. I would like to audition you for a porn video.
  • Scammer – I’m a well known and respected hobbyist. I can make or break your reputation with good or bad reviews so you should let me test drive you to help you with some good reviews.
  • Blackmailer- If you don’t see me or give me Full Service or Free Services, I will write bad reviews on you.
  • Threatens you – If you don’t see me, I will out you to the cops, your family, your apartment manager and let them know what you are doing.
  • Scammer – Haggles you down in price because they are a VIP member of some escort board, or an employee or owner of some local or national review board.
  • Arrogant Loser – I’m good looking so you should do me for free! I have a big dick so you should pay me to be with you. Or you’ll be having fun too, so why should I pay?
  • Inconsiderate Jerk – He Double or Triple books, to see if you really look like your photos and if you don’t he takes the pick of the best of the other ladies that do show up.
  • Offers to pay with Checks, Credit Cards, Money Orders, Gift Cards, or wants your real name and banking information so he can do a electronic money or wire transfer to your bank account.
  • Says his wallet, your gift or donation was left in the car.
  • Says he’ll get money in his car afterward.
  • Tries to immediately initiate activities upon his or your arrival to distract you from asking for donation.

When It’s Time to Leave or Cancel on the Jerk!

  • When the client tells you “I left my wallet in my car. I’ll go an ATM afterwards and come back.”
  • When the client tells you, “I forgot my wallet, I’ll make it up to you next time.”
  • When the client tells you he has drugs to barter or exchange for your services.

Where it pays for YOU to be honest.

  • If you don’t look like your photos, because you are using old photos, if you put on lot’s of weight, you look considerably older or younger than your photos, if you are using someone else’s photos, or stock photos… face it, you are misrepresenting yourself which is a bait and switch tactic. It is unfair of you to expect the client to go on with a session if you have lied or misrepresented yourself. Better to leave and learn your lesson. Do not get mad at the client if he’s displeased or sends you away. And do not put the client on Blacklist because you falsely represented yourself in your advertising.
  • If you are NOT who the client booked with, because you are going in place of another provider who has double booked, and she or the agency is asking you to go in that girls place because they don’t want to lose the money…. If the client is not happy with you and isn’t willing to go ahead because you aren’t who or what he expected based on what was advertised. Just leave. Don’t make a big deal of it. Don’t post him on Blacklist. He has the right to refuse the session if you are not who he was expecting.

Make Usage of National Blacklist

  • Post all incidents to National Blacklist to share with other girls.
  • Read about other incidents so you know all the problems and scams to look out for.

If You’re Worried about Retaliation

  • If you’re concerned about a bad client seeing a post about them and retaliating against you try changin the location or date.
  • Do not write any specific language or dialogue that occurred between you that can tip him off or remind him of an association with you. Do not mention if it was an incall or outcall, a motel, whether you went to dinner, just make general statements, like he was rude, pushy, took off the condom, he shorted my rate, stuff like that.
  • Use generalities about the incident to avoid any specific circumstances that occurred that can trigger an association with you. Say he was agressive and rough but not specifically how he was rough or what he was exactly doing. If he ripped you off by not paying you say that, instead of he left me an empty envelope or an evvelope with cut up newspaper. The more facts you put in the report, the likelier he is to remember who he did that to.

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