What happens before sex?

Give him your complete name, telephone number, address, or lodging number. He is also stressed over his safety and will want to look at them A few young ladies are afraid of sexual harassment, so they will test you. To visit his home, don’t anticipate that he should give the address immediately. Please show restraint. He will provide all the information you want at the perfect opportunity.

Meeting time

The primary thing that ought to be taken care of on the day of the meeting is the cleanliness of the room and personal cleanliness. On the off chance that you make an appointment in a lodging or at home, make sure it is clean.


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The room should be prepared, and the bathroom cleaned. Both of you will clean up in the bathroom when a decent escort meets. Have an adequate number of extra towels and personal care items.

Recall the “clean and Fresh” rule. You’ll make the best impression with new breath and stench, and fashionable and clean shoes.

Your personal cleanliness straightforwardly affects the fixations that your escort can offer you. Assuming you neglect to shave and clean your teeth, he may dismiss you from taking a few stages. Indeed, even something as small as a kiss can’t be finished.

Escort arrives


Give your escort plenty of time to relax when she arrives. It would be ideal to put his things down and hydrate him. You can talk a little, walk around your house. Let him use the bathroom, and show him where the room is. Let him change clothes or set out any gear he might need.

Make sure to pay. Many young women prefer immediate payments in the form of cash envelopes. Note, that a charge card is not a great idea. Pay at the beginning of your meeting and continue the conversation with the full help the young lady is ready to offer you. Remember not to start a meeting with kisses and hugs before you pay. This will make her vibe uncomfortable, and you will seem inconsiderate and annoying to her.


Calling the driver is an important safety measure, besides being a hassle. The lady can tell him she is fine. What she thinks about at the beginning of your meeting is her own safety. There are cases of sexual harassment, so escort young women put their safety first – be patient.


To feel comfortable, offer an escort to the shower. You can do it individually or significantly together. Such activities will bring you closer and your position will become comfortable. You should invest your energy in getting to know each other. This is a type of first date, where sexual activity will be at the end of the meeting.


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Great sex doesn’t tolerate being rushed. It’s just the start of an escort trackdown. It’s important to show some restraint and respect. Before getting naked, take a chance to get to know each other. The most effective way to have sex is to follow her guidelines.

To make this acquaintance a regular date, use kisses and gentle touches. Remember to be coquettish and make long eye-to-eye contact. Constantly ask what the young lady likes and what she wants directly. Talk about what you want. You may want to take a break and drink some wine or champagne – that’s fine and will brighten your night.

The meeting is over

Your escort booking will be wrapped up with chatting, hugs, and light contacts. Both of you breathe in this second, and it is important not to spoil the wonderful impression of the time spent together.

At the end of the meeting, give your escort time to pack her things. Assuming you’re pressed for time to run, you can ask the girl how much extra energy you have left. Often, they gather for about 10 minutes and warn about it in advance. You don’t have to pay extra unless you extend the meeting yourself.

Try not to make a vow to meet regularly. Be respectful and escort the young lady to her car. Leave happy and enthusiastic memories of your meeting.


Contrary to popular belief, the model of the first-class escort of the modern world is certainly not a mindless young woman who has artificially honed her beauty to dubious flawlessness.

The status of a world-class escort model presupposes a young woman’s natural charm, and ability to be a curious and enthusiastic companion.

Good luck tracking down an escort girl like this. By following my instructions, you can arrange a bright and safe meeting to experience an unforgettable experience.

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